Interview: Soncerae Monique — Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Shopify Business Owner


Women Wealth & Work: Tell us about yourself?

Soncerae Monique: I’m a Certified Life Coach, Author, Entrepreneur & Investor. However, I’ve been many things. I was a professional model for 6 years. I’ve been a social media personality for 20 years. I was a magazine publisher & CEO of my own entertainment company. I was a recording artist for many years before I was any of these things. I’m also in the IT industry. I own a UX/UI design company. I have an interest in software industry. I’m also in the automotive industry. I run a car rental business.

Women Wealth & Work: What made you decide to start your businesses?

Soncerae Monique: I started my first business when I was 18. I’ve always dreamt of being a business woman. It came naturally.

Women Wealth & Work: How did you know that you were on to something?

Soncerae Monique: After I applied a level of consistency people started consuming anything I posted online.

Women Wealth & Work: What’s your secret for starting a successful online business?

Soncerae Monique: Supply & demand. Find something that a lot of people want. Solve a problem.


Women Wealth & Work: How did you choose your product?

Soncerae Monique: A decade ago used to sell inspirational jewelry on Facebook and people loved it then. I stopped selling it and gave up when my sales slowed down. I should’ve kept going. Whenever I post videos on TikTok I’ve always received compliments about the celibacy ring I wear. So I told the story of why I wear one and started selling them. I made $1,500 in an hour the day I opened up my online boutique.

Women Wealth & Work: What are the next steps? Give our readers a preview…

Soncerae Monique: If I could I’d probably do more TV & movies. I’ve been wanting to do more speaking engagements. I also want to open a brick & mortar. Maybe open a few Laundromats, hotels & cafes. I

Women Wealth & Work: Who do you want to help?

Soncerae Monique: One of my goals is the create more millionaires and business owners. I’m a capitalist. I want people to have a better relationship with money and learn how to manage it better. Because I experienced homelessnes myself I don’t ever want to see anyone living in poverty.


Women Wealth & Work: How do you measure success?

Soncerae Monique: By how much freedom and happiness I have. It differs from person to person.

Women Wealth & Work: Where do you draw your strengths?

Soncerae Monique: God. My faith in my purpose. Then my kids. Wanting them to have a better life. My passion and desire to build generational wealth. I’m breaking a generational curse in my family.

Women Wealth & Work: Are there any issues that come with being an entrepreneur?

Soncerae Monique: Being an entrepreneur is difficult. But being a business owner running one business is hard. It’s not for the weak. You can’t be a weak person and accomplish anything. You have to find a source of power. You have to find strength.

Women Wealth & Work: What keeps you inspired?

Soncerae Monique: My supporters. My audience. It’s nice to see them encourage me the way I do them.

Women Wealth & Work: What’s your impact so far?

Soncerae Monique: Everyday I’m told I impact someone’s life. They contact me and let me know how much I’ve helped them with their life. Especially women. A lot of women want to give up and how I survived homelessness, heartbreak, sexual trauma and all kinds of hardships and I’m still pushing forward keeps them pushing forward.

Women Wealth & Work: How can others support you and your businesses?

Soncerae Monique: Sharing. Just keep sharing my content. If you can’t afford my products or services, share my content. It helps so much.

Women Wealth & Work: What lessons did you learn along the way?

Soncerae Monique: The most important thing that I learned was how to manage my money. What I was taught about money was incorrect. I used to believe that how much money I made is what would make me wealthy. There are people who spend a million dollars in a year and don’t even realize they earned that much. Because it’s spent on the cost of living and food. There are people who spend 6 figures in a month when that money could be managed better to multiply more. Most of the people who look wealthy are not.

Women Wealth & Work: What are the key tips and pointers for starting Shopify business?

Soncerae Monique: It’s not an easy business to get involved it. I know a lot of social media influencers push others to start e-commerce businesses and to dropship. But it’s not a simple task and it’s not a business that someone can start for free. You have to buy product first. Be prepared. I wasn’t prepared for my store to make so much money it’s first month. So I ended up having issues with shipping. I had missing orders and delayed ones. It was hard at first but I’m getting the hang of it.

Women Wealth & Work: Would you do it again?

Soncerae Monique: I will most likely do it again. I wouldn’t repeat the process I’d make it better and just open another kind of store.

Women Wealth & Work: How can I our readers stay connected?

Soncerae Monique: My Websites:

Companied: Revenew Digital UI/UX DesignSoncerae Monique Lifestyle BoutiqueMSW EnterprisesSoncerae Monique Life Coaching

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